It’s A Beautiful Day in our Neighbourhood!

It’s a beautiful day in our neighbourhood.  How are about yours?  With the sun shining and the roads cleared, we are open for business!

But just a quick reminder…
…we do live out in the country so please make sure that you dress appropriately. Hat, coat, boots, mitts and maybe a scarf seem to be the dress code lately.

Classes for 2019

Looking for Classes for 2019?

We’ve just released information on two $25 Clubs (see page).  Do not delay in signing up as they fill very quickly!

Our list of Classes starting in March 2019 will be published shortly.

Because we are located out in the Country, we find that weather can sometimes be a challenge.  And that is the main reason why we do not schedule classes during January and February.

Recently it has been drawn to our attention that Google has “The Stable” closed on Sundays.  This is not the case.  While attempting to fix this issue, we would like to take the opportunity to remind everyone about our hours of operation.