Horses in the Pasture

If you have been kicking around The Stable for awhile, you probably know that all of The Spence Kids rode horses. How sweet it is to finally have a Horse Quilt that brings back memories of a time that the only thing we had to worry about was how long we could push back dinner so we could ride and Mom wouldn’t get mad.

This is a wonderful lap size quilt called “Horses in the Pasture” currently hanging around The Stable. Designed, made and yes quilted by Heather.Measuring 54″ x 74″ when completed, your kit includes instructions, all top fabrics and binding.

All you need to add to cross the finish line is batting, backing and thread.

Price of kit is $ 99.98

If you are interested in this kit, let us know.

BTW, the Field boots in the photo are mine from when I was about 16 years old. Will I ever fit into them again? Nope! But I can hold them and remember.t

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