Hat Hat Hooray

The Pupster was not too enthusiastic this morning when I took a quick snap of this AMAZING new quilt. This quilt has been designed by Terry Atkinson of Atkinson Designs.

Four sizes (Nap, Lap, Twin and Full) are included in the pattern. Pattern can be purchases separately for $14.00

Our sample is the Lap Size ( 62″ x 77″). Great instructions. Lots of tips and tricks to make this fun. Terry’s instructions break down the 3 hat designs and the scarves in step by step instructions.

So why am I showing this great Winter Quilt? You guessed it! We’ve done kits! Our kit will include the pattern ($14.00 retail value), background, scarf fabrics and hat fabrics. If you do not want to make the Lap Size, the Nap Size (53″ x 65″) can also be created from our kit. You will just have about a yard of background and a few more scraps of the hat fabrics left to add to your stash.

Price of the Kit will be $ 139.95 plus taxes.

If you wish to order, you can call The Stable and place your order with Gail. Our kit should be ready for the week of November 23rd.

Remember you have 3 ways to shop1. In-Store Appointment Shopping2. Side Door Pick-up3. Mail Order