Light Fantastic by Fabric Freedom

Price: $13.98/metre

The Arts and Crafts movement dominated decorative art in the late 19th and early 20th century and this range called Light Fantastic is inspired by the glassware and ceramics of this period. Black line was used consistently to provide dramatic contrast and gave a unique style to the objects produced. In our new range called Light Fantastic we have been inspired by the decorative arts of this period and focusing on the popular motifs and geometric style of the time, have combined all of these qualities to create a wonderful range of 5 designs in 2 main colourways. The colours we have chosen to give a jewel like quality and luminescence that remind us of the lustre of the glassware and ceramics of the time. Red, gold and green is one of the main colour looks and purple, blue and turquoise is the other, both of these have contrasting tones and scale to complement each other beautifully.

As described by Fabric Freedom


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