Toscana Cottons by Northcott Fabrics

By Deborah Edwards Northcott Studio


100% cotton – looks like suede – feels like silk

Toscana captures the subtle tones and elegant textures of an Italian fresco and it looks just like suede! The kaleidoscope of colors provides a comprehensive range in values from rich deep shades to delicate pales ideal for contrast in quilting.

Price per meter is $ 12.98

We are constantly adding more colours into our Toscana offerings.  With almost 135 colours in the collection we have currently 84 of them!  This is just a small sampling of the best colours.


If you cannot make it to the Stable and would like to order, please use the colour codes associated with the pictures.  Minimum cuts of .50 m are required.  We’ll be glad to get an order together and shipped to you.